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90 Day Free Trial of IBM Spectrum Control

If you have always wanted to give IBM Spectrum Control a try in your own datacenter, now you can using the IBM Spectrum Control POC Virtual Appliance for 90 days. Just use this link to access the download page and eventually get to downloading around a 4+ GB zip file.

Once the zip file is uncompressed you have a set of VMware files (OVF) you can import into a VMware environment.

Some of the minimum hypervisor requirements as of this writing are:

  • 75GB of free disk space in the hypervisor
  • 16GB of memory in the hypervisor
  • 4 CPU cores in the hypervisor

Further instructions are in the readme file as part of the zip package.

Of course you will need IBM Storage to connect to or supported SMI-S connected Storage to populate IBM Spectrum Control … and … it goes without saying.

This IBM Spectrum Control POC Virtual Appliance is ONLY intended for product evaluation and NOT to be used for production or for customer distribution. There is also no IBM Support.


– Dom

IBM Storage Monitoring and Management Options for the IBM FlashSystem 9200

This video is a presentation I made of the IBM Storage Monitoring & Management Options for the IBM FlashSystem 9200 using the IBM Washington Systems Center resources. This covers the software update to IBM Storage Insights and IBM Spectrum Control that occurred in March 2020.

A PDF of the presentation from the video is here.

Storage Insights and Spectrum Control 2Q Update

New Storage Insights and Spectrum Control feature and function was released at the end of May 2020. Click on the links below for the detail.

Storage Insights

Spectrum Control