Hey, my name is Dominic Pruitt, thanks for having the curiosity to know a little more about me, and welcome to another little corner of mine on the internet.

Don’t forget … All opinions expressed on any site of mine are my own personal opinion, and do not reflect those of my current employer or anyone else.

I currently work on the IBM Washington Systems Center Team in Sales & Distribution.  My main focus is sales progression for SAN Volume Controller (storage virtualization), Storwize Family (storage virtualization with internal disk), Spectrum Virtualize, and Spectrum Control Standard/Advanced and Storage Insights (storage management & performance software). I help IBM worldwide sales teams, business partners, and customers quickly come up to speed on storage software products to solve business problems.  I review storage solutions, and I travel to various places in the United States helping educate customers through hands-on technical workshops with our IBM Washington Systems Center Lab in Herndon, VA.  I enjoy the time-shifted education aspect of this work.  It has allowed me to explore the technical details on how to do high quality audio podcasts, videocasts, screencasts, and webinars using various media.

My background includes 16 years in IBM product development before moving over to the sales side in 2006, my formal education includes a bachelor of science degree in electrical engineering and a masters degree in business administration.

I hope you find some value in the content here.  If you want a password to a protected page, have positive feedback / comment, or want to see something in particular, feel free to send me something in the form below.

– Dominic Pruitt