IBM Washington Systems Center – WSC

I often get questions from customers, new IBM sellers, and Business Partners … What is the IBM Washington Systems Center and what to they do?  Here is a bit of personal explanation on the team I’m on … to clarify the business value the WSC brings.      – Dominic

The IBM Washington Systems Center (WSC) is and has historically been IBM’s premiere center of competency in the area of enterprise business solutions involving IBM Systems (x86-64, Power, Z) and IBM Storage.  The WSC is a North America focused above region and above industry set of enterprise IT experts that assist the IBM seller and Business Partners in helping customers.

The WSC currently has a 8,000 sqft of raised floor Datacenter in Herndon, Virginia with connectivity to the internet.  This connectivity allows the WSC to showcase IBM products via product demonstrations, hands on learning, and general knowledge sharing.

Inside the datacenter the WSC has current IBM Storage products such as:

  • IBM DS8900
  • FlashSystem 9150s and 9110s
  • Spectrum Virtualize running on SV2 nodes
  • Spectrum Scale and Elastic Storage Server (ESS)
  • Storage Insights
  • Spectrum Control
  • IBM Storage supporting Red Hat OpenShift (on x86-64, Power, and Z)
  • IBM Storage Suite for Cloud Packs
  • Various Fibre Channel and Ethernet networking gear
  • Various Server & Server Virtuzliation Operating Systems

The WSC is comprised of almost 50 individuals that are engaged with customers in Proof of Concept, Proof of Technologies, and producing knowledge assets on a constant basis.  We often participate in product beta programs to get early exposure and experience with IBM products before they are applied in solutions for customers.  We also present at major conferences and offer the opportunity to get customers hands on with current IBM products.

The current storage knowledge assets we have available are:

  • IBM DS8000 Advanced Function Workshop
  • IBM Spectrum Scale and Elastic Storage Server Workshop
  • IBM FlashSystems 9200 Advanced Functions to Modernize for Big Data and Multi-Cloud Environments
  • IBM FlashSystem with Spectrum Virtualize and Storage Insights Hands-On Workshop
  • Business Resiliency with Copy Services Manager Demo Test Drive
  • IBM Cloud Object Storage Virtual Pod System 1,2,3, & 4
  • IBM DS8000 Global Mirror Bandwith Sizing
  • IBM DS8000 Safeguarded Copy Sizing
  • IBM DS8900F Demo Test Drive
  • IBM DS8900 Safeguarded Copy SME led Demonstration
  • IBM DS8900 Safeguarded Copy Demo Test Drive
  • IBM DS8900 Transparent Cloud Tiering Demonstration
  • IBM DS8900 Transparent Cloud Tiering Savings Analysis
  • IBM Elastic Storage Server Demo Test Drive
  • IBM Spectrum Virtualize Demo Test Drive
  • IBM Storage Insights & Spectrum Control Demo Test Drive
  • IBM Storage for Red Hat OpenShift Deep Dive and Demo
  • IBM Storage Suite for Cloud Packs Deep Dive and Demo
  • Accelerate with IBM Storage Webinars (replays here)
  • IBM WSC YouTube Channel 
  • … and this work blog 🙂