How to use the exportPerformanceData script in IBM Spectrum Control

A little known but powerful performance data extraction script was added to IBM Spectrum Control in the last couple releases (starting with Spectrum Control v5.2.8), it’s called exportPerformanceData.bat (on Windows) or (on AIX & Linux).

exportPerformanceData Windows Location

This script resides ON the Spectrum Control server (in the same location as the other scripts to turn on and off servers) and is run local to the server (or could be redirected to other Spectrum Control servers).

You will need your Spectrum Control storage friendly name for the device name in the script (this was not too clear, and you need to account for spaces too by using quotes).

exportPerformanceData SC BlockStorage Listing

After opening a command prompt and changing to the directory where the script is, I selected my Class SVC to export performance data.  There are many other options as you can see below, but one can perform a simple export of all Class SVC performance metrics with just a Spectrum Control ID, PW, and Storage as parameters.

A full explanation is in the IBM Knowledge Center for Spectrum Control, here is a link.

exportPerformanceData ClassSVC Export Run

By default, a new sub-directory was created where I ran the script and the CSV files were put there.  This directory was eventually compressed in to a file called Class

exportPerformanceData ClassSVC Export Output

To view the different Storage System data generated from this script just click the link below.