Spectrum Control Education

This page will contain short videos I have created to share what I learn.  If there are suggestions for new videos to create, let me know using the form below.

– Dominic

Overall product demo videos

  • Spectrum Control Standard/Advanced
  • Spectrum Control Storage Insights

How to …

  • Configure storage and switches
  • Determine when a storage pool will run out of space
  • Create a performance support package
  • Create a agent less server
  • Create a application
  • Create a department
  • Create a general group
  • Alerts on a general group

Top things to change after the install of Spectrum Control

  • History Retention
  • Performance monitor intervals
  • Automated probing

Performance Metrics Explained

  • By Storage system (SVC, Storwize, XIV, DS8000, …)

Structured approach to analyzing performance data

  • Storage systems
  • Volumes

If there are any video you would like to see me make, send me a email using this form: