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IBM Spectrum Control v5.2.9 is now available

A new version of IBM Spectrum Control became generally available at the end of February.

IBM Spectrum Control v529 Dashboard

All the new features and functions are on the IBM Knowledge Center website .., of particular note is the new Storage Reclamation function so Storage Administrators can reclaim/repurpose unused storage.  Click on this link to read about all the new changes.

IBM Spectrum Control v529 Reclamation


Storage Insights – a new online tool for storage management from IBM

Well, the new storage management Software as a Service (SaaS) offering called IBM Spectrum Control Storage Insights is now available to the public (it went live on 6/29) .  It offers some pretty neat features which I will be highlighting here in the coming weeks.

IBM Spectrum Control Storage Insights lives on IBM Service Engage portal, so you can find it here (including pricing):

If you want to give the product a whirl (you will need a IBM ID for access), there is a live guided demo available here:

Enjoy some screenshots.